la Boutique Fantastique

La Boutique Fantastique is a musical collective led by Rotterdam producers Tymen Bergman and Maurits Goossens. Their music has been described as “what David Lynch would do with granny’s record collection” and sounds like the soundtrack to a journey through musical history. Yet, their sound is timeless. Their eponymous debut CD is full of melancholic and mysterious melodies and more. Their live shows are equally versatile and a tribute to musicality. A true feast in which a large variety of instruments (including violin, cello, double bass, guitar, keys, samples, turntables, melodica, saxophone, bariton, sopranino, concertina, drums, etc.) play an important role.

The live band:

Maurits Goossens
-Cello, Turntables, Melodica, Synth
Tymen Bergman
-Keys, Synth, Samples, Effects
Jornt Jan Bras (Boom Boom du Terre)
-Drums, Samples
Coen Kaldeway
-Alt sax, Bariton sax, Bass clarinet, Clarinet
David Beukers (Mdungu)
-Tenor sax
Kobi Arditi (The Kyteman Orchestra)
Paul Fitzpatrick (Dean)
Eddie Kuijpers (Barockpuppies)
-Bass, Double bas
Camilla van der Kooij (The Kyteman Orchestra)
Saskia Meijs (Barockpuppies)
Frank Wienk (The Kyteman Orchestra, De Avonduren, Eefje)

The debut album la Boutique Fantastique was released on Kytopia Records and is distributed by Rough Trade.



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